Construction Projects

February, 2012

This family home in Three Forks was in need of a new roof. We removed the exisitng roofing. All three layers of it! T-Locks, cedar shakes and rolled roofing all had to be removed to find the roof deck. After removing the old roofing we installed plywood over the original board sheathing to create a solid surface to install the new roof. Then, we dried in the roof with ice and water shield and titanium underlayment and installed new 29 guage Tuf-Rib metal roofing from Bridger Steel in Belgrade Montana. The roof metal color we installed is Light Grey.

September, 2011

new siding new asphalt roofing Candlelight Dr Bozeman MT Hail Damage Repairs
We removed hail damaged vinyl siding and installed new LP Smartside siding on this home, garage and playhouse in the Wiley Creek Subdivision near Bozeman Montana. We removed the existing roofing and installed new architectural asphalt shingles. As you can see from the photographs, the sheathing showed water damage around the chimney. We installed new house wrap and with the new roof we properly installed flashing around the chimney. This will prevent any future water intrusion issues.

August, 2011

Harmon Enterprises Construction Roofing Bozeman MT
This fantastic old home in the historical district of Bozeman was in need of a new roof after it was damaged by hail. We removed the old asphalt roofing and installed new architectural asphalt roofing. We installed new galvanized hip and ridge metal as well as new finials to accent the classic lines of the roof.        

July, 2011

framing, stairs, willow creek, harmon enterprises construction
We rebuilt this exterior staircase in Willow Creek to make it safe, sturdy and up to current building codes. Properly flashing the new landing at the ledger board connection to the building will prevent future water damage like the rotten siding and joists that we repaired. The second lower handrail was added to make it easier for small children to use the stairway. We also installed new tuf-rib roofing with a galvalume finish on the gambrel roof. We freshened up the exterior with a new coat of stain for the siding and painted the trim.
Bozeman Roofing Hail damage Harmon Enterprises construction
This classic gambrel roof home in Bozeman Montana suffered damage in a severe hail storm and needed a new roof. We removed the existing cedar roofing on both the house and the detached garage, installed plywood sheathing over the board sheathing, applied ice and water shield and synthetic underlayment to meet roofing code and installed 50 year Malarkey Legacy shingles in weathered wood color.                  

June, 2011

Harmon Enterprises Construction Bozeman MT Roofing Spruce
After the hail storm in the late summer of 2010 Bozeman Montana and the surrounding areas suffered a massive amount of storm damage. The Spruce Meadow Community had to have all new roofing installed because of hail damage. We installed new roofing on 22 buildings (44 units) at Spruce Meadows. The shingles we installed are Malarkey Highlander-CS architectural asphalt shingles in weathered wood color.            

May, 2011

Bozeman MT re-roof dried in titanium underlyament Harmon Enterprises Constuction Inc
This two story four-plex in Bozeman was one of two identical buildings that we installed roofing on in the spring of 2011. The shingles we installed are Timberline by GAF.      

April, 2011

Bozeman MT re-roof dried in titanium underlyament Harmon Enterprises Constuction Inc
This four-plex roof was one of five multi-family buildings we re-roofed for the same owner in the spring of 2011. All of the buildings sustained damage from hail.      
Bozeman MT re-roof dried in titanium underlyament Harmon Enterprises Constuction Inc
This two story four-plex is pictured when the roof was stocked and ready to insall new shingles. We installed Timberline 30 year architectural asphalt shingles in Barkwood color.      

March, 2011

tuf-rib roof amsterdam mt harmon enterprises construction inc
The T-lock shingles on this family farmhouse and outbuildings in Amsterdam were showing a lot of wear and the roofing was in need of replacement. We removed the old roofing, installed plywood sheathing and dry-in and tuf-rib metal from Bridger Steel in Belgrade.